Reviews for The Sister Wars #1

“It’s a beautifully written and sweet book about growing up in a blended family. I could have benefited from this book as a kid in a similar situation. I’m hoping this is one of many.” Bethany on Amazon

“SO GOOD. I LOVED THIS BOOK! It was so enthralling, and it was so rich with varied and compelling themes/topics. It’s immersive, clear, captivating and surprising. I can’t wait to read the next one!” Amazon Customer

“The book is a quick read yet intriguing throughout and I absolutely love the concept of a plot twist. Above all, I was compelled by the deep love consideration the sisters have for one another although they are not blood sisters. Kudos to @thesisterwars for her great storytelling. This book is packed with real life situations and emotions. While the sisters beautifully come to life for me, the genuine wow factor about this book for me is the way the mother responds.I would definitely recommend this to anybody who wants to show their kiddos that blended families aren’t so bad.” Kandee on Instagram

“I loved the book and so did my granddaughters. A great story for blended families. Can’t wait for the second one.” Mimi on Amazon

“This story is well-written and age-appropriate, showcasing so many relatable aspects of the beauty and struggles of young kids in blended families. It’s refreshing to have a series that normalizes much of what many kids think and feel. We can’t wait for the next in the series!” Mamabear on Amazon

“Wonderfully written and thoughtfully lined with relatable situations for parents, pre-teens, and teens.” Amazon Customer

“So cute. Perfect read for my 7 year old step daughter.” Juliet on Amazon

“Wow! This book is so well written and age appropriate. We need more books with relatable situations for all blended families. Love the story line and characters. My kids loved this book and we are all looking forward to Book #2 “Frenemies” Thank you to this very talented author- keep them coming.” Bryn on Amazon

Reviews for The Sister Wars #2

“Devoured this second installment in the series, and it’s just as great! It brings back everything I loved about the first book, and it brings in so many new and exciting characters and stories! Absolutely recommend it. Can’t wait for the next one!“Amazon Customer