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Chapter book series: The Sister Wars

Step inside the world of a blended family. Follow the journey of two ten-year-old stepsisters, Jade Parker and Olivia Bishop, as they navigate through the loyalty conflicts and dynamics that come with forming a new family unit. Best friends before they were stepsisters; conflicted when they become family. 


The Sister Wars #1 The Stepsister Standoff 


In book one of the series, Jade is devastated when her stepsister Olivia pulls away and states that she is not her real sister. Friendships begin to unravel as loyalties are tested. Will their sisterhood survive navigating the conflict between their biological parents and step parents? Will they be able to forgive misunderstandings and betrayal? Will Olivia and Jade re-unite as sisters and best friends?


The Sister Wars #2 Frenemies


In book two of the series, a competition sets off a rivalry between Jade and Olivia. It’s sister versus sister as new friendships and alliances form. Will Jade and Olivia’s sisterhood and friendship survive?




The Sister Wars #3 The Family Divide


In book three of the series, a vacation threatens to pull the family apart. Loyalties are tested when Jade and Olivia’s newly restored friendship and sisterhood is threatened by older brother Alex. Will Jade and Olivia’s relationship survive a bio versus stepsibling standoff?