The Other Side of Vulnerability

I’ve often hit the “snooze button” on my dreams and aspirations. When it comes to staying busy and accomplishing tasks and responsibilities, I’ve excelled. When it comes to pursuing my passions and dreams, I’ve procrastinated. Why? Well, because it’s easier.

Pursuing your dreams and putting yourself out there to fail requires vulnerability. I’ve often struggled with vulnerability. I’ve often silenced my inner voice. Being vulnerable is an uncomfortable feeling and requires trust in the process and in other people. It requires letting go of the perceived control we have over a situation.

Vulnerability is an even bigger challenge if you also struggle with anxiety. I’ve struggled with anxiety since childhood. Having a sense of control or agency has been my biggest coping mechanism. If I know what to expect, or know that I can control the outcome, my anxiety dissipates. Nothing sends me down an anxiety spiral more than when I feel a loss of control over a situation. This anxiety causes me to be much more introverted than I really am. Underneath my anxiety and fear of vulnerability is an extrovert screaming to break out.

Publishing my first book and putting myself out there on social media and on this blog, felt incredibly uncomfortable the first few months but I’m so glad I pushed through it!

I’ve loved being able to connect with my readers and social media followers. So often we feel like we are alone in our story. Hearing your stories and struggles while sharing my own has felt really therapeutic. Allowing myself to be vulnerable opened me up to a large community of other moms, stepmoms and writers who share common experiences, struggles and joys.  It’s been a difficult journey towards vulnerability and although I still struggle with it, it’s had a positive impact on my life.

If you struggle with anxiety and/or a fear of vulnerability try reminding yourself that;

  • The other side of vulnerability could be happiness.
  • The other side of vulnerability could be your authentic self.
  • The other side of vulnerability could be your wildest dreams.
  • The other side of vulnerability could be your community and support system.

Becoming comfortable with vulnerability helped me create my own version of happily ever after. I hope it does the same for you!

Pictured: Sara Lords

Photo Cred: D. Selbak Photography